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The Tenkile Conservation Alliance (TCA) works directly with over 12,000 people from 50 village communities that own the Torricelli Mountain Range in Papua New Guinea (PNG). We are supported by various partners, donors and funding agencies.

The TCA aims to protect the biodiversity of the Torricelli Mountain Range using tree kangaroos as flagship species for conservation. Our vision is that the people of Papua New Guinea value and protect their natural resources, community and culture.

The TCA works towards the incorporation of traditional and scientific knowledge throughout the project area. Our mission is to build a culture of trust, empathy, pride and intrinsic values that protect PNG culture, community and natural resources.

  • Welcome to the Torricelli Mountain Range
  • CRITICALLY ENDANGERED!Tenkile Tree Kangaroo
  • CRITICALLY ENDANGERED!Weimang Tree Kangaroo
  • VULNERABLE!Grizzled Tree Kangaroo
  • 50 village communities (12,000 people) -No longer hunt tree kangaroos
  • Jim Thomas - Alumni award
  • Jean Thomas - FFN award
  • Mathew Akon - Whitley award
Welcome to the Torricelli Mountain Range1 CRITICALLY ENDANGERED!2 CRITICALLY ENDANGERED!3 VULNERABLE!4 50 village communities (12,000 people) -5 Jim Thomas - Alumni award6 Jean Thomas - FFN award7 Mathew Akon - Whitley award8

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There are many valuable ways in which you can contribute to the Tenkile Conservation Alliance’s vision – which is, the people of PNG value and protect their natural resources, their community and their culture.
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