Papua New Guinea - Mitigate Climate Change

Objective 5: mitigate climate change

Participate in REDD + (Reduced Emissions from avoided Deforestation and Degradation), Biodiversity offsets & PES (Payment for Environmental Services) - to combat global warming & climate change, relieve poverty and improve health.

Component 1:

Increase understanding of climate change and carbon markets in preparation for participating in REDD+ or PES projects if successful.

Major activities include staying up to date with relevant local participation in REDD+ and PES projects, conduct training activities throughout the project area in preparation for REDD+/PES projects.

TCA has been one of the first organisations in Papua New Guinea to conduct awareness on climate change and carbon trading.
If you would like to make a donation for this download, click on the Contribute button at the bottom of this page.Download Carbon Trading information booklet here

This book, written in Pidgin English provided village communities with an explanation of what climate change and carbon trading is all about. For many people this was the first time they had any understanding of the concept. TCA also provided villages with practical experience on how to measure carbon using a scientific method.

During 2016 TCA will be implementing another peer education program on climate change and carbon awareness to all participating villages.

Component 2:

Implement innovative ideas that mitigate carbon emissions and avoid forest degradation or deforestation throughout the rainforest communities.

Major activities include the direct participation in mitigation and/or adaptation projects that relate to REDD+/PES as they become available. EG: a priority project identified by TCA is a bedding project, which would minimise firewood use. This project will be implemented in three stages. The first stage is to conduct research to understand the level of carbon currently emitted from various activities that use firewood, the second stage is to deliver alternative bedding resources including a mattress, mosquito net and sleeping bag and the third stage is to measure the effectiveness of this strategy. This project also has the added benefit of providing significant improvements in health in particular the prevention of malaria and relief of poverty.

PES – Payment for Ecological Services and/or

REDD – Reduced Emissions from avoided Deforestation and Degradation

Payment for Environmental Services

The Tenkile Conservation Alliance has been working with local communities in terms of providing education programs on climate change and carbon trading in preparation for possible PES/REDD projects since 2007.

The TCA has recognised three simple carbon mitigating projects that could be easily implemented throughout the project area to offset carbon emissions in developed countries. Once we have proven it is successful it would be easily transferred into other village communities throughout PNG, providing a fantastic model for mitigating climate change.

TCA has many potential PES/REDD offset projects it could implement.
For more information about offsetting your carbon emissions please contact us.



A major dream and aim of the TCA is that the people of the moratorium villages have improved standard of living which includes more sustainable housing. Tin roofing iron and sawn timber will provide the local people with just that. If you or your business is interested in contributing to making a villages’ dream comes true then please click here.





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