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Our Strategy

At TCA we take a very holistic approach in achieving our conservation and development goals. We implement a variety to programs to ensure that we achieve our ultimate goal which is:

  • To improve health, provide education and so relieve poverty as well as protect biodiversity and the cultures of rainforest communities in Papua New Guinea.

Underpinning the ultimate goal are five objectives with clear activities or projects to be delivered in order to move towards achieving our ultimate goal. These are detailed below.

Objective 1:

Develop alternate livelihood strategies within rainforest communities to alleviate poverty and hunger to improve health as well as minimise the existing hunting pressure on wildlife, enabling the sustainable use of their natural resources.
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Objective 2:

Develop sustainable sources of income for the organisation and local stakeholders. Complementing the organisation’s mission, benefitting the people of Papua New Guinea and the sustainability of their communities and country. Papua New Guineans to successfully lead, manage and administer their own projects and organisations, with current, solid and transparent governance.
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Objective 3:

Establish the Torricelli Mountain Range as a legislated Protected Area to ensure the protection of all biodiversity and culture.
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Objective 4:

Implement a monitoring and evaluation program to assess the effectiveness of the above activities in conserving biodiversity within the Torricelli Mountain Range.
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Objective 5:

Participate in REDD + (Reduced Emissions from avoided Deforestation and Degradation) & PES (Payment for Environmental Services) - to combat global warming & climate change, relieve poverty and improve health.
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