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Objective 3: Protect Biodiversity and Culture

Establish the Torricelli Mountain Range as a legislated Protected Area to ensure the protection of all biodiversity and culture.

Component 1:

Facilitate effective immediate protection for all critically endangered species within the Torricelli Mountain Range, through establishment of hunting moratoriums by members, landowners and communities. Three tree kangaroo flagship species to be protected: the Tenkile Dendrolagus scottae (critically endangered), Weimang D. pulcherrimus (Critically endangered) and the Grizzled tree kangaroo D. inustus (Vulnerable) additionally the Northern Glider (Petaurus abidi) (Critically Endangered) and the Black Spotted Cuscus (Spilocuscus rufoniger) (Critically Endangered).

The major activity, to achieve this objective, is to establish hunting moratoriums every two years. This is a written and signed agreement, which reminds and recommits the stakeholders of their commitment to the protection of Critically Endangered species throughout the Torricelli Mountain Range.

Hunting Moratorium

Hunting Moratorium

TCA has maintained hunting moratoria for all three species of tree kangaroo since 2009 – Tenkile moratorium first signed in 1999; Weimang moratorium first signed 2007. This has lead to no hunting of any fauna within both the Tenkile and Weimang habitat areas for almost a decade. Consequently tree kangaroo populations are now increasing. A key to TCA’s success in this area has been the on-the-ground presence within the project area and constant communication with representatives from the 50 participating moratorium villages.
See the Tenkile Conservation Alliance for a list of all participating communities.




Component 2:

Raise awareness throughout rainforest communities of the significance of their biodiversity to engender support for its conservation.

Major activities include conduct regular stakeholder meetings with at least two representatives from each of the 50 moratorium villages who then communicate TCA’s objectives to the entire village community. This provides a significant forum for the conservation project, but it provides a way to advance education, training and practice for hitherto remote and disadvantaged communities. This applies and intensifies across all the following objectives as the project progresses. Minor activities include conducting special awareness campaign activities throughout the year and community outreach throughout the Weimang villages.

Conservation Education Programs

PNG Conservation Education Programs

Jean Thomas has been primarily responsible for developing and implementing TCA’s training programs. She has developed programs to raise awareness of conservation throughout the Torricelli Mountain Range including a school education program, drama program and puppet show. The aim of TCA's education program is to raise awareness of Tenkile and the biodiversity of the Torricelli Mountain Range and help develop skills and knowledge at the local level that will enable the protection of the area.

During village visits Jean has conducted a drama education program in each village. It has proven to be one of the most powerful education tools conducted by TCA. The songs recorded from this program have been incorporated in the TCA radio program and this helps to empower people to protect their natural resources. Jean has also conducted nutrition and cooking lessons for local women to help encourage women to make more informed choices about their eating habits for themselves and their children.

Jim Thomas has conducted Rainforest and Biodiversity training with committee members, staff and village representatives. This training program was a peer education program to transfer basic scientific knowledge about ecology and biodiversity throughout the village communities. Village representatives were trained and then peer educated the members of their own communities.

Download the Rainforest training manual here.

Download the Biodiversity training manual here.

Component 3:

Raise awareness amongst local schools of the significance of their biodiversity to engender support for its conservation.

Major activities include the school fee competition and capacity building of teachers to deliver science and conservation education.

Representatives from Torricelli villages

Local schools have received assistance in terms of materials, school fees and education programs from TCA for many years. Links with schools in Australia have been established in the past with exchanges in the form of conservation story books, pen pals and posters.

Jean has written a teacher training manual that comprises of 4 units of work based on the PNG science and social science curriculum. The manual helps teachers better understand PNG fauna and conservation issues so they can incorporate this in their lessons. The lessons are activity based and use local species like Tenkile as examples for conservation. Jean has conducted the teacher training course to over 30 teachers representing 16 schools.
Download the Teacher training manual here

If you would like TCA to visit your school and conduct a school program or conduct a teacher training program please contact us.

To help fund the development of this important training program, click here

School fee Competition

School Fee Competition

Professor Tim Flannery helped TCA initiate a school fee competition throughout the project area since 2010. With his and other kind donations to TCA every year, we are able to keep children in school up to year 8. Each year TCA asks all year 7 students, within the project area, to enter a piece of writing relating to a specific 'environmental' topic. The sponsors are then asked to read the entrants responses and choose a male and female winner. These students have their school fees paid for the following year and their school receives K500 worth of materials. If you would like to be a part of the school fee competition click here to make a contribution.

All extra contributions to this project will go towards a scholarship fund which will pay for students to attend year 11 and 12 at St Ignatious High School in Aitape.

Contact us to see how your school can become involved with TCA school program.


Component 4:

Establishment of the Protected Area.

Major activities include maintaining stakeholder and Local Level, Provincial and National Government engagement, GPS mapping of Protected Areas and working with the gazettal process to endorse the Protected Area.

Conservation Area

Conservation Area Mapping _ PNG Toricelli Mountain Range

A major objective for the Tenkile Conservation Alliance is to establish the Torricelli Mountain Range as a Protected Area. This will provide the legal protection from not only large scale commercial development such as logging and mining but protect species from local impact such as over hunting and harvesting of natural resources. The approach is one of a "bottom up" approach where resource owners have agreed to establish the protected area, established their own rules and penalties and designated hunting areas from non-hunting areas. Each village has established a Conservation Area Management Committee who have been trained in natural resource management to manage the protected area accordingly.
Download the CAM training manual here.

Local landowners and leaders from the 50 participating villages have discussed their ideas and concerns regarding the protected area before they participated in a brief mapping workshop that provided them with a visual display of their natural resources so that they could make an informed choice as to how to utilise their resources now and in the future. TCA staff then walked around the conservation area boundaries using GPS. This map is incomplete and requires further work, particularly with the Weimang villages.

To assist in this important work please click here.

If the Torricelli Mountain Range becomes a protected area known as a Conservation Area, it will be the first protected area for Sandaun Province.

Component 5:

Management of the Protected Area.

Major activities include maintaining stakeholder and Local Level, Provincial and National Government engagement, GPS mapping of Protected Areas and working with the gazettal process to endorse the Protected Area.

Major activities include training local stakeholders in natural resource management, which includes combining scientific and local indigenous knowledge of important fauna and flora, climate change and practical sustainable resource harvesting techniques, regulate local bi-laws etc.

Conservation Area Management

Conservation Area Management

The Conservation Area proposal for the Torricelli Mountain Range has been submitted to the PNG government. TCA is working closely with the PNG Government, and other organisations, on Protected Areas and their sustainability within the PNG context.

TCA works closely with the local landowners to maximise existing conservation area boundaries and to encompass new villages. The Conservation Area is presently proposed to be over 200,000 hectares in size.

One of the major aims for TCA is to establish the Torricelli Mountain Range as a Conservation Area. Through education programs and most other work TCA has been doing, we are close to achieving this. Several representatives from each village have participated in training courses which enables them to better manage their natural resources. A training manual has been written and workshops conducted at our training centre in Lumi. Each village has a Conservation Area Management Committee who have the knowledge and skills to manage the natural resources and ultimately protect the biodiversity of the Torricelli Mountain Range forever.

Download the Conservation Area training manual here.

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