Vogelkop Tree Kangaroo

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Family: Macropodidae
Genus: Dendrolagus
Species: ursinus

Vogelkop Tree Kangaroo

Vogelkop Tree Kangaroo
(Dendrolagus ursinus)

Illustration - Peter Schouten

Characteristics: has a black back with a pale belly and pale/reddish cheeks. It also has tufted ears and a white tail tip.

Males:  unknown

Females:  unknown

Distribution: this species is restricted to the montane rainforest in the Vogelkop and Fak Fak peninsular of West Papua.

Elevation:  sea level – 2,500 meters above sea level.

Diet: Very little is known about its diet but captive pet was recorded eating leaves, twigs and bark of mulberry trees, figs and Antocarpus (breadfruit) leaves.

Reproduction: Very little known.

Conservation Status:  Vulnerable (IUCN)

Local Names:  Wangoerie (Triton Bay, West Papua).

Social Structure: Not known

The Vogelkop Tree-kangaroo is restricted to the Vogelkop and Fak Fak peninsulars of West Papua where it is found at elevations from sea level to approximately 2500m. It occurs mostly in montane rainforest and its distribution could be as large as 30,000 square kilometres.

The VogelkopTree-kangaroo has a black back with a pale belly and pale/reddish cheeks. It also has tufted ears and a white tail tip. Unfortunately there is no data on the weight of this species and little on anything else. A lot of work needs to be carried out on the Vogelkop Tree Kangaroo.

Conservation status:
Considered to be vulnerable due to 30% of its population lost in the last three generations or last 30 years. Does have some of its range in a protected area. Very little is known about this species. 

Mammals of new Guinea – Tim Flannery (1995) and
Tree Kangaroos - a curious natural history – Tim Flannery, Roger Martin and Alexandra Szalay (1996).
Illustrations Peter Schouten.

Distribution of the Vogelkop Tree Kangaroo

Distribution of the Vogelkop Tree Kangaroo

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